The Community Zero Carbon Action Plan

The City’s goal for a carbon neutral city-region by 2047 was endorsed in September 2018. The Community Zero Carbon Action Plan follows the creation of a target to reduce the City’s operational emissions by 50 per cent by 2020, based on 2014–15 levels.

The plan contains five flagship actions that have the potential to make a substantial impact. These include:

  • moving to LEDs for Council run street lighting, which will provide an estimated 52 per cent reduction in energy use
  • supporting pensioner households to install solar on their homes with no upfront cost
  • bringing neighbours together to explore sustainability initiatives they can implement in their homes and local area
  • investigating and testing models for redesigning a local energy system to rapidly embrace decarbonisation.

The City is also reducing its own operational emissions and by September 2018, nearly 800 kilowatts of solar had been installed on City buildings. This was equivalent to the power consumption of 179 households.

Tracking progress towards carbon neutrality will be an important part of the program and to help with this, the City is developing a community-wide greenhouse gas emissions profile for the Geelong region.

Read more about the Community Zero Carbon Action Plan.

Page last updated: Wednesday, 7 April 2021