People feel safe wherever they are

The Greater Geelong community values

  • Clean, safe and fun environments for everyone;
  • Feeling safe on the streets day and night;
  • A safe, crime free and honest community;
  • Minimising the community impacts of alcohol and drug use.

Success will be achieved by

  • An active street culture involving student and café precincts;
  • Urban design that encourages activity andcomfortable open public areas in all seasons;
  • Clean streets and public open spaces;
  • Early intervention programs that promote positivecommunity attitudes and interactions;
  • Establishing security infrastructure.

Geelong After Dark

Measures of success

Indicator Current data

Perceptions of safety – 95% of residents agree that they feel safe in the area where they live.

Source: Geelong Preventative Health Survey, City of Greater Geelong. Frequency of data: Every four years
54% (2017)

Crime – Crime statistics are 20% below the state average.

Source: Victoria Police Crime Statistics, Crime Statistics Agency. Frequency of data: Annually
Criminal incident rate per 100,000 population.
Greater Geelong - 6382.6 Victoria - 5938.7 (12 months to 30 September 2018)