A prosperous economy that supports jobs and education opportunities

The Greater Geelong community values

  • Business diversity, education and employment opportunities;
  • People who are willing to create new business opportunities;
  • Working hard, diligence and personal motivation;
  • Training, research and education institutions that support economic participation and catering for all skill levels.

Success will be achieved by

  • Urban and residential infrastructure to support economic growth, employment and lifestyle;
  • An open-minded approach and a willingness to take risks;
  • Partnerships between educators and industry to ensure business skills needs are addressed, and people can adapt and learn;
  • A highly skilled and diverse workforce, which will be a competitive advantage for local business;
  • Well-connected and diverse businesses that grow the local economy;
  • Spaces for start-ups to interact and network.

Runway Geelong at Federal Woollen Mills

Latest project

Runway Geelong

Runway Geelong opened its doors in June 2018 with the aim of fostering regional start-ups and supporting them to fast-track and grow.

Based in the restored Federal Mills Park, Runway’s modernindustrial space is the perfect incubating environment for start-ups to develop, network, plan and grow.

Passionate about unearthing ambitious people with unique ideas, its founders offer a co-working space, mentoring, training and the potential for funding to refine an idea and transform it into a business concept.

Runway Geelong has helped to build business diversity and has provided a vehicle for entrepreneurs to create new and exciting business opportunities for our region.

The City has sponsored 15 start-up businesses to participate in this successful program.

For more information on Runway Geelong, visit the Runway website.

Measures of success

Indicator Current data

School leavers – The number of school leavers engaged in work or postschool study is higher than the Victorian average.

Source: Census of Population and Housing, Australian Bureau of Statistics. Frequency of data: Every five years
29.4% Geelong
30.6% VIC

Education – Education provides graduates with the skills businesses require in our city-region.

Source: To be determined
Measure to be determined

Employment – Greater Geelong’s workforce participation rate is higher than the Victorian average.

Source: Census of Population and Housing, Australian Bureau of Statistics. Frequency of data: Every five years
57.9% Geelong
60.5% VIC (2016)

Business diversity – An increase in the diversity of businesses. A lower index value signifies higher industry diversity.

Source: Regional Development Victoria Information Portal Regional Snapshot – Geelong Local Government Area. Frequency of data: Every five years
Industry Diversity Index:
Geelong 27 (2016)
Geelong 50 (2011)

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