A prosperous economy that supports jobs and education opportunities

The Greater Geelong community values:

  • business diversity, education and employment opportunities
  • people who are willing to create new business opportunities
  • working hard, diligence and personal motivation
  • training, research and education institutions that support economic participation and catering for all skill levels.

Success will be achieved by:

  • urban and residential infrastructure to support economic growth, employment and lifestyle
  • an open-minded approach and a willingness to take risks
  • partnerships between educators and industry to ensure business skills needs are addressed, and people can adapt and learn
  • a highly skilled and diverse workforce, which will be a competitive advantage for local business
  • well-connected and diverse businesses that grow the local economy
  • spaces for start-ups to interact and network.

The measures of success are:

  • the number of school leavers engaged in work or post-school study is higher than the Victorian average
  • education provides graduates with the skills businesses require in our city-region
  • Greater Geelong’s workforce participation rate is higher than the Victorian average
  • an increase in the diversity of businesses.


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Page last updated: Friday, 15 February 2019