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Wednesday, 1 August 2018 12:00 AM

Geelong is Australia’s first and only City of Design. 

We’re also the only non-capital city in Australia to have UNESCO Creative Cities Network designation. Other Australian members of the UNESCO Creative Cities Network are Melbourne (Literature), Sydney (Film) and Adelaide (Music).

Here are some of the ways we can make our City of Design designation work for Geelong:

  • Realise the community’s Clever and Creative Vision
    We want Geelong to be recognised internationally as a clever and creative city. To do this we need to engage internationally.

    Geelong’s UNESCO designation gives us unique access to more than 180 countries in the United Nations Creative Cities Network and 31 countries that are Cities of Design, like Geelong. We can learn from these cities and collaborate with them.
  • Grow and support our Creative Industries Sector
    By using our branding and designation well, we can attract new talent and businesses to Greater Geelong. Having access to the 31 other Cities of Design around the world will provide Geelong designers with the unique opportunity to showcase their designs, collaborate on projects, attend international design weeks and broaden their networks.
  • Further strengthen Geelong’s identity
    In cities like Katowice, Poland and Dundee, Scotland when you see their City of Design logo, it immediately gives you a sense of their identity. These are places people are intrigued by – they want to visit and want to find out what the logo means.We can use our City of Design logo extensively to promote Geelong as a clever and creative City of Design.

Geelong’s aim to fully embrace its City of Design designation is a long-term proposition. It won’t happen in a matter of weeks and it won’t just be a new logo or a new building. It will be all of this and much more under the umbrella of design. It will be all of us continually asking the question: ‘How are we designing Greater Geelong to make it more liveable for our community?’

Find out more at Geelong City of Design.

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Page last updated: Thursday, 11 October 2018