Creativity drives culture

The Greater Geelong community values

  • The contribution of the arts to community vibrancy, diversity, and inclusiveness;
  • Spaces that support and celebrate local artists through public exhibitions;
  • Modern facilities that allow the region to host world-class events;
  • Start-ups and innovation;
  • Involvement with local art, music, heritage, contemporary culture and Wadawarrung culture;
  • Preserving our heritage and encouraging creative design.

Success will be achieved by

  • Investment in a diverse range of local community festivals and events;
  • Development of creative industries and a culture of thinking outside-the-square;
  • Attracting creatively oriented and artistic industries to the region;
  • Creative re-use of heritage assets.

Mountain to Mouth (M~M) biennial extreme-arts walk

Latest project

Arts Projects Quick Response Grants

A limited amount of funding annually is available for a Quick Response Grant when there is a compelling justification to do so. 

There is a total grant pool of $220,000 available to cover the four arts grants offered by the City (Arts Project, Festival-Arts, Professional Development and Quick Response).

Grant amount

Grants of up to $5,000 are available to support individual Arts Projects that aim to foster creativity, engage the wider community and embed the role of the arts in the life and experience of the people of the Geelong region.

Who should apply?

Eligible applicants can apply for a quick response grant to support the exploration, development and presentation of arts projects for activities:

  • that fall outside the timeline for the main Arts Projects or Festival-Arts grants round (refer to
  • that can only be funded at short notice, e.g., a new, limited-time opportunity or an activation devised in response to an unexpected community issue or municipal disaster; and
    conducted solely within the City of Greater Geelong municipality
  • that align with the City of Greater Geelong Arts & Cultural Strategy (visit our Arts and Culture page)


Please read the grant guidelines available below before applying.
For a pre-assessment of your eligibility to apply for a quick response grant, please contact the grants team on 03 5272 5560 or email [email protected].

Closing date: 15 May 2022 (subject to availability of funds)

Measures of success

Indicator Current data

Arts and culture participation – Increasing the percentage of the community actively participating in arts and cultural activities.

Source: To be determined
Measure to be determined

Creative occupations – Increasing the percentage of the workforce employed in creative occupations.

Source: Census of Population and Housing, Australian Bureau of Statistics. Frequency of data: Every five years
4.75% (2016)
4.26% (2011)

An innovation economy – Greater Geelong rated in the top 200 of the Global Innovation Cities Index.

Source: Innovation Cities™ Index, 2thinknow. Frequency of data: Every two years
Geelong 326 (2018)
Geelong 334 (2016–17)
Geelong 328 (2015)

New businesses – Increasing the number of innovative start-ups in the cityregion.

Source: To be determined
Measure to be determined