Community aspirations

Representing the voices of more than 16,000 residents and stakeholders, this document is a guide for future councils, all levels of government, community organisations, businesses and anyone wanting to make a genuine contribution to our city-region.

At its heart are a series of aspirations developed by the community that are focused on our region’s economy and employment, the environment, arts and culture, transport connections, tourism,
efficient and equitable digital access, and good governance.

For a city-region to be successful, it must be connected, prosperous, creative, sustainable and resilient, and designed for people. The community’s aspirations support these elements helping us become a clever and creative city-region.

A prosperous economy that supports jobs and education opportunities

The Greater Geelong community values:

  • business diversity, education and employment opportunities

  • people who are willing to create new business opportunities

  • working hard, diligence and personal motivation

  • training, research and education institutions that support economic participation and catering for all skill levels.

The measures of success are:

  • the number of students completing secondary school and/or engaged in post-school study is higher than the Victorian average

  • education provides graduates with the skills businesses require in our city-region

  • Greater Geelong’s workforce participation rate is higher than the Victorian average

  • an increase in the diversity of businesses.

Success will be achieved by:

  • urban and residential infrastructure to support economic growth, employment and lifestyle

  • an open-minded approach and a willingness to take risks

  • partnerships between educators and industry to ensure business skills needs are addressed, and people can adapt and learn

  • a highly skilled and diverse workforce, which will be a competitive advantage for local business

  • well-connected and diverse businesses that grow the local economy

  • spaces for start-ups to interact and network.

Most strongly supports prosperity

I’d like to see Greater Geelong evolve into a more vibrant, multifaceted region that celebrates its history and embraces the future.

Being one of Victoria’s oldest and unique agricultural regions, I would love to see this industry grow and develop over the coming decades.

We have great potential to promote local businesses and create employment opportunities by building on our natural advantages.

~ Jon Helmer

A leader in developing and adopting technology

The Greater Geelong community values:

  • opportunities enabled by technology

  • internet availability and speed

  • assistive technology seamlessly embedded into the environment.

Success will be achieved by:

  • a variety of affordable technologies providing digital access to information on demand

  • attracting innovative and high technology businesses

  • a community and workforce with the capacity to use digital technology

  • training in future digital jobs

  • assistive technologies embedded into infrastructure

  • free connectivity throughout the public places

  • growth in smart home automation.

The measures of success are:

  • a Digital Inclusive Index score (Access, Affordability and Digital Ability) greater than 70

  • an increase in the number of technology based businesses.

Most strongly supports connected

It is possible to fabricate high-technology products in Australia.

The key for Greater Geelong will be to stay open minded, internationally-orientated and innovative.

~ Maxime Maghe

Creativity drives culture

The Greater Geelong community values:

  • the contribution of the arts to community vibrancy, diversity, and inclusiveness

  • spaces that support and celebrate local artists through public exhibitions

  • modern facilities that allow the region to host world-class events

  • start-ups and innovation

  • involvement with local art, music, heritage, contemporary culture and Wadawarrung culture

  • preserving our heritage and encouraging creative design.

Success will be achieved by:

  • investment in a diverse range of local community festivals and events

  • development of creative industries and a culture of thinking outside-the-square

  • attracting creatively oriented and artistic industries to the region

  • creative re-use of heritage assets.

The measures of success are:

  • increasing the percentage of the community actively participating in arts and cultural activities

  • increasing the percentage of the workforce employed in creative industries

  • Greater Geelong rated in the top 200 of the Global Innovation Cities index

  • increasing the number of innovative start-ups in the city-region.

Most strongly supports creativity

A fast, reliable and connected transport network

Success will be achieved by:

  • a pedestrian and cycling network that covers the whole municipality

  • accessible transport options connecting people within the city-region

  • development of Greater Geelong as Victoria’s major logistics and freight centre

  • diversion of road traffic around urban centres

  • cycling becomes a credible and safe on-road commuter option.

The Greater Geelong community values:

  • sustainable, connected and networked walking, cycling and public transport services that allow all abilities access into and across the city-region

  • fast access to Melbourne and other parts of Victoria.

The measures of success are:

  • being able to travel to Melbourne from Geelong within 30 minutes, and from the Bellarine Peninsula within 65 minutes utilising a variety of travel options

  • an international freight terminal and passenger airport within the city-region, connecting Greater Geelong to all Australian state capitals and Asia

  • being able to access all parts of Greater Geelong within 30 minutes through a variety of travel options

  • 50 per cent of journeys to work are made by public transport, walking or cycling.

Most strongly supports connected

I’d like to see Greater Geelong evolve into the most multicultural and inclusive region in Australia.

In 30 years, as our population grows, we’ll need more houses, more schools and more jobs.

We need to plan for these things now.

~ Roghayeh Sadeghi

A destination that attracts local and international visitors

Success will be achieved by:

  • a diverse range of accommodation options for visitors

  • a local international airport

  • capacity for large ships to dock in Corio Bay

  • the ability to host large conventions

  • securing world class events and entertainment.

The Greater Geelong community values:

  • the city–region’s potential to be a destination that attracts local and international visitors

  • sharing and promoting Greater Geelong’s unique location and natural assets.

The measures of success are:

  • the total number of visitors to the city-region increases by 2.1 per cent per annum

  • expenditure by visitors to the city-region increases by 3.8 per cent per annum

  • international overnight visitors grow at a rate of 4.9 per cent per annum

  • domestic overnight visitors grow at a rate of 1.9 per cent per annum

  • tourism employment increases 1.6 per cent per annum.

Most strongly supports prosperity

We’ve got natural beauty here.

Tourism is vital for Greater Geelong.

~ Franceska Dezelak

People feel safe wherever they are

The Greater Geelong community values:

  • clean, safe and fun environments for everyone

  • feeling safe on the streets day and night

  • a safe, crime free and honest community

  • minimising the community impacts of alcohol and drug use.

Success will be achieved by:

  • an active street culture involving student and café precincts

  • urban design that encourages activity and comfortable open public areas in all seasons

  • clean streets and public open spaces

  • early intervention programs that promote positive community attitudes and interactions

  • establishing security infrastructure.

Our measures of success are:

  • 95 per cent of residents agree that they feel safe in the area where they live

  • crime statistics are 20 per cent below the state average.

Most strongly supports designed for people

I’d like Greater Geelong to be a region that accepts everyone regardless of their age, race, gender or sexual preference.

A place where we can grow as individuals but also together as a strong and united community.

~ Sally McLean

An inclusive, divers, healthy and socially connected community

The Greater Geelong community values:

  • access to quality education, health services and affordable housing

  • a strong sense of community

  • support for vulnerable community members

  • a range of employment opportunities.

Success will be achieved by:

  • young people connected to local decision-making

  • public areas and local services that are accessible to all levels of ability

  • a variety of affordable options for people to rent or buy a home

  • support for the most vulnerable community members

  • local participation opportunities for new arrivals to the city-region

  • equity in the provision of community infrastructure

  • support for Wadawurrung leaders to ensure their connections to the city-region are maintained, and their connection to the community is strengthened.

The measures of success are:

  • no Greater Geelong postcodes in the bottom 20 per cent of the Socio-Economic Indexes for Areas (SEIFA)

  • 100 per cent of public places in Greater Geelong are disability access compliant

  • workforce participation in the most vulnerable suburbs is higher than the state average across all age groups

  • the percentage of residents who participate in citizen engagement activities exceeds the state average

  • index score for community connectedness exceeds 80

  • over 50 per cent of residents reporting their health as very good or excellent

Most strongly supports designed for people

It’s very important that we have an inclusive culture.

We have the foundations, we just need to build on them.

My vision is that Greater Geelong becomes a region that is accessible to everyone.

~ Oliver Lynch

Sustainable development that supports population growth and protects the natural environment

The Greater Geelong community values:

  • green spaces and corridors, including farmland and recreational space, between urban areas

  • easy access to open space and parkland near homes

  • the uniqueness and significance of natural bushland, coastlines, wetlands, rivers and beaches

  • sustainable development that responds to climate change

  • design that makes best use of technology for better and more sustainable living

  • development that enhances the identity of diverse neighbourhoods

  • design excellence and innovation in new buildings and public spaces

  • creating high amenity neighbourhoods that are well connected and sustainable.

Success will be achieved by:

  • revitalisation of Central Geelong

  • meeting the housing needs for projected population growth and future households

  • renewal of underutilised urban areas and buildings

  • preserving, enhancing and growing our natural areas

  • creation of urban forests throughout streets and parks

  • new models of higher density sustainable living with access to public green space.

The measures of success are:

  • suburban tree canopy is greater than 25 per cent

  • an increase in the quantity and quality of protected natural habitat

  • an increase in biodiversity with no loss of species and vegetation

  • in urban areas, 95 per cent of dwellings are within 400m of public open space

  • no net loss of open space by suburb

  • 10,000 people living in Central Geelong

  • 50 per cent of new housing construction to be conducted within existing urban areas.

Most strongly supports Sustainability

Greater Geelong’s future is intrinsically linked to its capacity to sustain our environment and nurture our businesses, and people.

~ Chris Balazs

Development and implementation of sustainable solutions

Success will be achieved by:

  • investment in renewable energy industries and research

  • plan and deliver a reduction of carbon emissions

  • community education about the local impacts of climate change

  • assist new and existing business to adapt to clean technology

  • identify new best practice standards for water efficiency and management

  • moving to a zero-waste community

  • encourage economically viable, environmentally sound and socially responsible business practices.

The Greater Geelong community values:

  • economically healthy and environmentally responsible businesses

  • clean energy solutions

  • attracting renewable energy industries to the region

  • easy access to recycling

  • innovative approaches and resilience to climate change

  • the community adopting sustainable practices.

The measures of success are:

  • performing better than the Victorian average in solid and green waste diverted from landfill

  • Greater Geelong being a carbon neutral city-region

  • 20 per cent of all water used in the municipality is sourced from alternative sources.

Most strongly supports Sustainability

I would like to see a Greater Geelong evolve into a region with even more vitality and energy.

A place of options and opportunity, where people can explore or discover both their passions and vocations.

~ Peter Mitchell

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