Foundations for a clever and creative City-region

A snapshot of Greater Geelong's existing strengths.

Economic assets

  • proximity to Western Victoria and Melbourne provides two-way access to markets and investment

  • established business associations, community groups and networks

  • an emerging cluster of start-ups

  • capabilities in advanced manufacturing, industrial design and technology

  • scientific facilities and expertise in health and infectious diseases

  • a growing population

  • strong leadership in education, healthcare, social insurance and social investment sectors

  • regional food production and agribusiness

  • exciting destinations attract local and international visitors.


  • a diverse range of education facilities

  • port, rail, airport and freight infrastructure

  • available commercial and industrial land

  • established sporting and cultural infrastructure

  • a variety of relatively affordable housing options

  • established cultural and arts facilities.

Natural assets

  • a diverse and unique natural environment

  • networks of open space, reserves and parks

  • spectacular rural and coastal landscapes

  • internationally significant natural areas

  • the city’s location in relation to the bay and northerly aspect.

People strengths

  • a strong sense of community

  • a diverse range of local community activities

  • resilient residents committed to the future of Greater Geelong

  • a history of inventors, creators and innovation

  • contributions to our arts and culture

  • a broad range of creative industries

  • community service organisations supporting vulnerable residents.

Short-term priorities

  • high-speed digital infrastructure

  • student and research precincts

  • vibrant public spaces

  • support for start-up initiatives

  • facilities to attract world-class events

  • collaborations addressing social and economic vulnerability

  • united leadership and a global outlook.

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Page last updated: Tuesday, 9 October 2018