Our Background

From September 2016 to May 2017, over 16,000 people told us what they value about the region, how they rate it against the recognised elements of a successful community, and shared ideas about how to address challenges now and in the future.

Through the process, they listened to opinions, debated alternatives, analysed possible futures and compared ideas. Importantly, they deliberated and, in the process, learnt more about each other’s aspirations, values and goals. The result was this, a community-led blueprint for Greater Geelong to be recognised regionally, nationally and internationally, as a clever and creative city-region.

The ideas for being clever and creative expressed in this document have been sourced from the Greater Geelong community and focus on economic prosperity, tourism and employment, enhancing and protecting its environment, social and economic equity, culture and art, transport and internet connectivity, and future leadership.

The diversity of the people involved and their commitment and passion for Greater Geelong makes this document a strong and durable platform to guide future decision-makers, establish their planning requirements and hold them accountable.

Greater Geelong: A clever and creative future is an important first step along a journey to transform our community’s aspirations into reality.

The journey to a clever and creative future

Understanding how the community would like Greater Geelong to evolve over the next 30 years gives decision makers the flexibility to respond to shifts in technology, demographics, the economy and climate change.

During the two stages of Our Future engagement between September 2016 and May 2017, over 16,000 community members had their say about their aspirations for the region and how it should evolve during the next 30 years. This involved 162 workshops, event appearances, community meetings and school visits.

At the Our Future Assembly on Saturday 6 May 2017, 350 people discussed, debated, deliberated and decided on a community-led vision for Greater Geelong’s future.

They decided Greater Geelong should be internationally recognised as a clever and creative city-region that is forward looking, enterprising and adaptive, and cares for its people and environment.

The community engagement process and the results that informed this document are available in the Our future section of our website.

An outline of the Our Future engagement process

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