Every year, Geelong comes to life at Christmas with displays and events that bring our community together and spread festive spirit.

Headlined by the iconic floating Christmas tree, the City’s famous Christmas program has attracted attendance of around 1.6 million people since 2014.

The 25-metre floating tree dazzles from its position on Corio Bay, lighting up the night and thrilling onlookers along the waterfront.

It’s supported by a program of free family activities across Geelong designed to delight people of all ages.

Planning for a COVID-safe Christmas in 2020

Our Christmas 2020 program will be released in late October.

While it will need to look different this year, we’re planning a safe, fun and inclusive program for the entire Greater Geelong community.

We’re working through a range of options, including online activities, that can operate in line with any COVID-19 restrictions still in place.

Importantly, the program will include the floating Christmas tree.

Our focus is on giving everyone an opportunity to celebrate, and we look forward to sharing further details.

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