2020 Children's Week in Geelong is coming to you online. 2020 will be the first online celebrations of Geelong Children’s Week as we bring the fun to children at home.

Children’s Week 2020 will take place from Saturday 24 October to Sunday 1 November October 2020.

The Children’s Week theme for 2020 is based on the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child Article 15 ‘Children have the right to choose their own friends and Safely connect with others’

Thousands of children and their families around the country will be involved in activities during Children’s Week thanks to the participation of schools, early years services, play groups, toy libraries, libraries and cultural and community groups.

These events and activities focus the attention of the wider community on children and what’s important to them.

Children get to celebrate their own achievements, display their talents, demonstrate their skills and just have fun!

Children's Week 2020 is a wonderful opportunity to promote the rights of children and young people, and to celebrate their capacity to actively contribute to the world around them. 

Organisations within the City of Greater Geelong are invited to register an online activity or event and apply for a grant of up to $400. 

Stay tuned for Geelong Children's Week to be delivered virtually!