Central Geelong and Waterfront place management unit act as the asset managers for the public spaces in Central Geelong and the Waterfront and undertake a diverse range of activities including:

  • attracting new businesses and improving the environment for existing businesses;
  • facilitating changes to infrastructure;
  • management of public space assets;
  • oversee the night time economy;
  • promoted Central Geelong's business and cultural assets and
  • deliver events and activities to encourage community interaction, well-being and pride.

To achieve our objectives and targets the department is divided in to three units.

  1. Revitalising Central Geelong
  2. Central Geelong Marketing
    Central Geelong Marketing is the consolidated marketing body for Central Geelong.
  3. Central Geelong and Waterfront
    The Central Geelong and Waterfront team oversees the management and maintenance of our public spaces including landscaped areas, lawns, playgrounds, water features and public art installations.