Junior Sports - Futsal Clinic

The futsal clinics are designed for kids of any ability who wish to further develop their skill and knowledge of the game.

The Futsal Clinic:

  • is for both new and experienced Futsal players and the rules will be both taught and emphasized throughout the term
  • structure is designed to be fun and social as we believe children learn best when they are having fun
  • will often feature a theme of teamwork and good sportsmanship.

The Futsal Clinics are aimed at three age groups:

1. Futsal Clinic Level 1 (aged five to seven)

The Futsal Clinic aged 5 - 7 focuses on learning the skills and rules required to play futsal.

Participants will learn and develop the key skills needed to play futsal in an active and fun environment.

2. Futsal Clinic Level 2 (aged eight to 10)

The Futsal Clinic aged 8 - 10 focuses on positioning and team play. The qualified and experienced coach will instruct and develop each player to learn how to play as a team.

3. Futsal Clinic Level 3 (aged 11 to 14)

The Futsal Clinic aged 11 - 14 focuses on match play. Children will play every week in a round robin system.

Although a ladder will be kept for the mini seasons the focus will not be on winning so much as playing for fun. Participants that are new to Futsal will learn the rules on the go.

The participants will be split into teams via a warm up game and stay in these teams for the mini season lasting 2 - 3 weeks. At the end of the mini season children will then be split into new teams the following week and the mini season will start again continuing to the end of term.

Each age group option will include:

  • warm up game
  • 1-2 drills
  • match

Not sure if your child will enjoy the Futsal Clinics? Book a trial session by emailing us ([email protected]).

Pricing information

Pricing is based on a weekly rate and a full term fee is payable at the beginning of each term upon enrolment. For enrolment details please contact the centre.

  • Full price is based on $10.25 per week

Mid Term enrolments are accepted please contact our centre for more information.

Need to know more...

For more information on this program, please don't hesitate to contact us at BVAC.

Page last updated: Thursday, 29 October 2020