All buskers, performers, spruikers and pavement artists need to have a busking permit.

Busking permits ensure that there are no clashes at popular locations while also ensuring that specific safety and other requirements are met.

The permit allows you to perform at various locations in the Geelong region.

If you wish to perform on private land you will need to seek permission from the owner of that land and a permit is not needed.

Busking permit applications must be made at least 10 working days prior to the date you want to start.

Apply for a busking permit

Assessing your application

In determining whether to grant a permit several issues are taken into account.  These may include:

  • The nature and duration of the busking

  • Obstruction of vehicles and pedestrians

  • The risk associated with the busking activity

  • Any previously approved busking permits

Generally, amplified music is not permitted.

Permit duration

Busking is only permitted for 1 hour per location, per day.

Initially, permits will be issued for a period of 1 month on the first occasion. Subsequent permits may be granted if there are no justifiable complaints/issues during the 1 month trial period.

If you wish to extend your permit beyond the 1 month trial period, please email your request to [email protected] so it can be assessed.

Full details of the conditions of a busking permit are in our Footpath and Designated Roads Trading and Activity Policy.

Page last updated: Friday, 26 November 2021