City to proceed with Changwon MOU

Tuesday, 21 December 2021

The City of Greater Geelong will take the next step to formalise an agreement focused on trade, education and cultural exchange with South Korea’s Changwon City, which will base its $1-billion Land 8116 project in Geelong.

The Council has agreed to proceed with a Memorandum of Understanding with Changwon City, and will advise the Minister of Foreign Affairs of its intent to sign an agreement under the terms of the Australia’s Foreign Relations (State and Territory Arrangements) Act 2020.

Changwon City, which approached Greater Geelong requesting an MOU, is an industrial and manufacturing hub on the southeast coast of the Republic of South Korea, and home to major global manufacturers including Hanwha Corporation and its subsidiary Hanwha Defence Australia (HDA).

HDA has just been confirmed as the provider for the Commonwealth’s $1-billion Land 8116 project to build and maintain heavily artillery and ammunition resupply vehicles, and will base its operations in Geelong.

It is also one of two companies that has been selected by the Commonwealth to supply Land400 tanks to the Australian Defence Force, a contract worth $27 billion over 10 years.

Geelong is Hanwha’s preferred location for the Land400 project, which would create up to 350 jobs. An announcement of the Land400 tender is expected next year.

The agreement will be reviewed annually to assess the benefits for both cities.

Mayor Stephanie Asher

I welcome the drafting of an MOU with the South Korean city, which aims to provide significant opportunities for Geelong, local organisations and the wider community.

Establishing the Hanwha facility in Geelong will have a huge impact on our local economy, and employment is such a critical factor in our post-pandemic recovery and the City’s continue growth and prosperity.

The MOU would be open to any organisation or group in the Geelong region that wishes to take advantage of the relationship with Changwon City.

Councillor Peter Murrihy

The MOU will align with Our Community Plan 2021-2025 and our community led 30-year Vision.

This initiative intends to support the community aspiration: a destination that attracts local and international visitors; a prosperous economy that supports jobs and education opportunities; and a creative and diverse culture.

This is an exciting opportunity that has the potential to lead to many positive outcomes for organisations and institutions in Greater Geelong.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 21 December 2021