Geelong City Deal Implementation Plan

The Geelong City Deal, agreed on 11 March 2019, is a 10-year plan to revitalise Geelong and unlock the potential of the Great Ocean Road visitor economy.

The Australian Government, Victorian Government and City of Greater Geelong will deliver $370 million in government investment to the region supporting Geelong’s continued economic diversification, growth of the visitor economy and a thriving city centre. The City Deal brings together the three levels of government with industry, community and the university sector to achieve this shared vision for Geelong.

This Implementation Plan sets out the commitments and delivery milestones for the projects. Annual Progress Reports will provide updates on the delivery of key commitments and performance against agreed measures and the formal Three-Yearly Reviews will assess whether the City Deal is delivering in line with the initial vision and objectives of the Deal.

  • Geelong City Deal at a glance
  • Geelong and the region in context
  • Objectives
  • Commitments


Page last updated: Wednesday, 9 October 2019