Obtain property ownership details

You may want to request property ownership information.

Fencing or building purposes

If you need this information for fencing or building requirements, we can help!

Please note

All payments made by credit and debit cards will incur a 0.59% charge to enable Council to recover the cost of merchant fees charged by financial institutions.

Request property ownership information

You will need to provide us with the relevant property details and which properties you require this information on.

Please note: Under section 14 of the Fences Act we are unable to release information other than name and address of the owner


Other reasons

If you want to know property ownership details for reasons other then fencing, please contact the Land Titles Office.

To obtain information from the Land Titles Office you may need a credit card for the transaction.  

Their website should provide you with information on the cost and process involved.

Page last updated: Friday, 3 July 2020