Locate proposed buildings on your property

Before you design your home or any other proposed buildings on your property it is important to identify where you will be allowed to locate your buildings.

There are three steps you will need to take in this process.

Step one

You need to check the dimensions of your property and the locations of any easements. This information is found on the property Title or the subdivision plan referred to on the Title.

The Title may also refer to a Neighbourhood Development Plan or Building Envelopes which determine the required setbacks for buildings.

You will need to contact the Victorian Land Titles Office for a copy of your Title - we do not hold Certificates of Title.

Step two

You will need to check with our Statutory Planning Unit to determine if a Planning Permit is required.

In some cases the required building setbacks will be covered by the Planning Permit.

Step three

You need to apply for a building permit.

This can be through either a Private Building Surveyor or via Councils service.  If using Councils service staff in the Building Services Unit will check the proposed location and setback of your building and determine whether or not they comply with the relevant requirements.

Page last updated: Monday, 2 October 2023