Apply for a building permit through the City

This information is only relevant if you have chosen the City to act as your building surveyor.  

If you have chosen a Private Building Surveyor, please speak with them regarding their requirements.

Where a building permit is required this must be issued prior to starting any building work.

The lodgement process involves the following steps:

  1. Complete a building permit application form
  2. Provide all documents and plans that relate to your project – use the relevant checklist to make sure you don’t miss anything
  3. Lodge your application together with all your plans and documents to email: [email protected]
  4. Your application will not progress until payment is received.
  5. Make sure you respond to any requests for further information so as to not hold up the assessment process.

Building permit fees

Building permit/inspection fees are calculated on your total cost of building works and proposed scope of works.

You will be provided with a quote for the fees prior to any work commencing on the paperwork.

An invoice will be provided for you to make payment online. This must be paid before any work is done on your application.


Checklists have been developed to assist you putting your application together, as missed items cause unnecessary delays.

Please review and include with your application the relevant checklist/s:

  • decks, verandahs, carports, garage and sheds
  • dwelling, extensions and alterations
  • fences
  • reblocking or restumping
  • swimming pools and spas
  • demolition.

Technical advice

If you have appointed a private building surveyor you should speak with them when seeking assistance.

If you have chosen us to act as your relevant building surveyor then we can provide you with advice over the phone on 03 5272 5272 or 20-minute appointments are available at Wurriki Nyal, 137-149 Mercer Street in Geelong. 

Note: we are unable to hold meetings at your property.

Need to know more...

Complete an amendment or variation to a building permit form if you wish to make

  • minor changes to your approved building design or
  • if your building permit is about to expire and the works haven’t commenced or been completed within the timeframe specified.

Where you have chosen to use our Building Surveyors, we they may allow an extension of time to commence or complete works covered by a building permit, but only when requests are received before the due lapsed date. 

Where building permits have been issued by a private building surveyor then you must seek to extend your permit with that private building surveyor.

How to apply for an extension

The commencement or completion periods can only be extended prior to the lapse of the permit.

If you need a building permit, an Asset Protection Permit is required before any works can start on the property. 

Where building work is proposed over two or more allotments on adjoining land this can be treated as one allotment for the purpose of the building regulations. 

A Performance Solution will be required where a building design does not meet the provisions of the National Construction Code – Building Code of Australia.

A performance solution can be formulated by qualified designer and presented to us for review by the building surveyor. 

If this is relevant to you please complete a national construction code performance solution assessment form for consideration

Page last updated: Wednesday, 27 December 2023