Building permits

A building permit must be issued prior to starting any building work unless the work is exempt under Part 4 and Schedule 3 of the Building Regulations 2018.

It is your responsibility to apply for and obtain the required permits prior to starting works. If you need a building permit, you will need to engage a building surveyor of your choice. We provide a permit service, or you can choose to appoint a private building surveyor.

Find out more about using us as your building surveyor.

The Victorian Building Authority (VBA) have developed a Practice Note – When is a building permit required which provides more information.

What is a building permit?

A building permit is issued when your appointed building surveyor has assessed the detailed construction drawings and technical documents for proposed building works, ensured that the building practitioner registration and insurance are compliant with State Government Building Regulations.  It gives you approval to then commence work in accordance with the approved documents.

If you engage a private building surveyor, they will issue your building permit, conduct all mandatory inspections, and issue the Certificate of Final Inspection/Occupancy Permit at the completion of works. Your building surveyor submits these documents to us for record keeping on your behalf.

Building permits we can help you with...

We can issue permits for:

  • construction
  • demolition
  • alterations
  • extensions and/or
  • for a change of use of a building. 

Our Technical team are experienced in both domestic and commercial projects ranging from typical garden sheds, decks, swimming pools and verandahs to multi-unit developments and large commercial projects.

We provide these services to all residents, property owners, builders, developers and designers.

Need to know more...

All proposed works for residential buildings and associated outbuildings must be designed and constructed to reduce the risk of ignition from a bushfire while the fire front passes.

You must not change the use of a building unless the building complies with the requirements of the Building Regulations applicable for its use.

You will need to engage a Building Surveyor to establish any shortfalls and / or building works required to bring the building into compliance for use.

When you wish to use Council as your building surveyor complete an amendment or variation to a building permit application and email it through to [email protected]

You must prove in your building permit application that your building design complies with energy efficiency regulations. Your builder can help.

The Victorian Building Authority has a Energy efficiency requirements page that provides relevant links and information on the current requirements.

The Victorian Business Authority has an essential safety measures guide which defines your responsibilities as an owner of a building (other than a house or outbuilding).  

The term 'Essential safety measures' cover various items including fire alarm systems to emergency lifts and exit doors.

Your property information certificate will tell you if your land is liable to flooding and if the property is in an area that is subject to termite infestation.

A report and consent must be applied for if your land is in a designated flood prone area.

In designated termite areas, make sure your building permit includes required treatments to prevent attack.

A small second dwelling on your property that is separate from your main house.  These buildings were traditionally known as ‘granny flats’ because they are typically used to house ill or elderly parents. 

The Victorian Government has made it easier to build a small second home in residential and rural areas to give families more housing choices.  In most cases a small second dwelling will not require a planning permit, however a building permit is always required. 

Further information can be found at small second dwelling

If you are planning to build on a property that is un-sewered, you will need a permit to install an OWMS, previously called a septic tank system, to provide sewerage to the home.

Both a building permit and a demolition consent are required to remove a dwelling from a property. You may also need a planning consent to remove the building from its original site.

There are specific requirements for these types of activities.

You'll need one of these if you are varying a requirement of the Building Regulations 2018.

Note: this must be obtained before a building permit can be issued.

Rooming Houses or Shared Accommodation are premises that can also be referred to as a:

  • Boarding house
  • motel / hotel
  • hostel
  • holiday camp.

We have developed a guideline to assist building owners and prospective operators of the regularly requirements of rooming houses – Information Guide for Rooming Houses.

These are generally used temporarily for storage.If you have a different or more permanent use in mind, you may need one or more permits.

Obtaining a legal point of discharge report will tell you where on your property you can legally discharge into our drainage system.

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