Private Building Surveyor lodgements

Information for private building surveyor lodgement obligations.

Section 80

A Section 80 is not required when building works are undertaken within our municipality. 

A Section 80 is required if the Municipal Body (for example: City of Greater Geelong) has been appointed to be responsible for a Building Permit for work in another Municipality (for example: Surfcoast).

A Section 80 is always required when a Private Building Surveyor is appointed as surveyor for building work to be undertaken within our municipality.

Note: From 1 December 2020, we will only accept Section 80 documentation through the MyGeelong portal. To do this you must be registered as private building surveyor in myGeelong.

Section 30 and other permit notifications

Private building surveyors can continue to lodge Section 30 and other permit notifications via email to [email protected]

Page last updated: Tuesday, 17 August 2021