Property ownership

Property owners have responsibilities in relation to rates and charges and other activities.

Buying or selling a property

Whether you are buying or selling a property in Victoria, you should be aware that a number of organisations need to be notified of this transaction:

In many cases, solicitors or conveyancers undertake this activity on your behalf.  You may prefer to do your own conveyancing.


We issue two certificates in relation to properties:

These certificates are used in the process of arranging settlement.

Property information

We provide information on properties that may be of assistance during the settlement process or when constructing on your property:

Please use the Building Information Request for Building Information.

Please use the Property Information Request for information in relation to Stormwater Drainage Easement and Allotment information.

Certain information on these requests may also be beneficial during settlement.


When you are the seller, either you or your legal representative will issue a Notice of Disposition to all relevant authorities; as the purchaser you or your legal representative will issue a Notice of Acquisition.

Both Notices are mandatory.

Payment of Rates and Charges

We issue rates and charges notices for our rateable properties each August.  As the ratepayer, you are responsible for ensuring that all charges are paid on time each year by certain due dates.

Moving address

You should always ensure that when you move address, all relevant authorities are notified.  You can do this with us online

Failure to change your address does not mean that you can be excused from interest charges if you do not pay your rates on time.

Building on your property

You should always check with us before undertaking any construction or demolition works as you may need to obtain relevant building and planning permits.

Fire hazards

When your property is vacant, you will receive annual reminders to keep the vegetation in a safe, short condition to reduce the risk of fire in the neighbourhood.


As a property owner, you have responsibilities in relation to boundary fencing.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 19 April 2022