Broderick Road recycling facility

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In April 2019, EPA stepped in to clean up a huge waste stockpile at Lara after the previous operator let the recycling waste grow to dangerous levels. This followed considerable efforts by EPA, City of Greater Geelong, CFA and others to have the site appropriately managed.

Poor site management practices by the previous operator, C&D Recycling, have resulted in an unacceptable risk to the local community, the environment and emergency services in the event of a fire at the site.

The occupier and owner of the site have gone into liquidation. This is why EPA has stepped in to make sure community safety is maintained.

The Victorian Government has provided initial funding of $30 million to maintain fire prevention measures and clean up the site – a job that could take several years as the site contains an estimated 320,000m3 of mostly construction and demolition waste, including materials such as timber, concrete, bricks, plaster, glass and ceramics.

EPA is working cooperatively with City of Greater Geelong to maintain fire prevention measures to minimise the risk of a fire, ahead of and during the cleanup project.

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Page last updated: Friday, 9 August 2019