Boat ramps

The Geelong region offers many boat ramps to access fantastic fishing, yachting, off shore diving and recreational boating opportunities.

Boat ramps can be found from sheltered coves within Inner Corio Bay, to excellent bay, rip and open water boating experiences.

Providing access to the bay and open water for recreational, commercial and economic purposes is an intrinsic value of the Australian way of life.

Visit the Boating Vic website for location maps, images and current launching conditions for individual boat ramps.

Boat ramps

Various governing bodies manage the many boat ramps within our municipality - below is a brief guide to each ramp.

Ramp Access Description Management
Barwon Heads and Ocean Grove
Barwon Heads Minah Street
Melways: 483 B11
Rolled crushed rock boat ramp Parks Victoria
131 963
Large tidal range, significant tidal current 
Shallow site, very small non-powered craft recommended 
Picnic facilities and limited parking available 
River Parade
Melways: 483 C12
One lane concrete boat ramp, one pontoon
Large tidal range, tidal current significant medium water depth, small to medium boats recommended
Ocean Grove Guthridge Street
Melways: 483 F11
Large, two lane boat ramp. Floating pontoons will be reinstalled to assist functionality during 2022 City of Greater Geelong
03 5272 5272
Significant tidal range, with strong current and medium water depth 
Experienced boat operations with small to medium boats recommended 
Parking, toilets and picnic facilities available 
Bellarine Peninsula
Clifton Springs Jetty Road
Melways: 456 E5
Access through a large car park, medium water depth though shallow areas at low tides City of Greater Geelong
03 5272 5272
Small to medium boats recommended 
Two double ramps and an additional ramp for smaller vessels such as jet skis during peak periods
A sheltered site from most conditions 
Parking, toilets and fish cleaning facilities available 
Indented Head The Esplanade
Melways: 460 C3
Concrete two lane boat ramp and timber loading jetty Bellarine Bayside
03 5254 4000
Moderate tidal range, exposed to the east, shallow at low tide
Small to medium sized boats recommended
Toilets and parking available
Point Richards Point Richards Road
Melways: 444 C4
Concrete four lane ramp, timber loading jetty. Currently being upgraded to increase shelter and facilitate dredging.
Moderate tidal range, exposed to the west and north 
Shallow water, small to medium sized boats recommended 
Parking and toilets available
Portarlington Caravan Park via Caravan Park
Melways: 444 C4
Restricted access to caravan park
Concrete, four lane boat ramp, moderate tidal range and medium water depth 
Toilets, parking, wash down and fish cleaning facilities available inside park 
Portarlington Fairfax Street Fairfax Street
Melways: 444 E4
Concrete one lane boat ramp with loading jetty
Moderate tidal range, exposed to the west and north 
Shallow, small boats recommended 
Toilet and parking available 
St Leonards Bluff Road
Melways: 460 B12
Concrete four lane boat ramp, timber jetty, moderate tidal range, exposed to the east, medium water depth
Small to medium sized boats recommended 
Fish cleaning facilities, toilets and parking available 
Swan Bay Swan Bay Road
Melways: 460 B12
Concrete single lane boat ramp, shallow water depth, recommended for smaller boats Parks Victoria
131 963
The jetty is difficult to launch and retrieve boats with strong to moderate North winds, need to use caution 
Parking, toilets and picnic tables available 
Central Geelong
Limeburners Point via large carpark
Melways: 452 H2
Concrete 3 lane boat ramp with an additional ramp for smaller vessels such as jet skis during peak periods City of Greater Geelong
03 5272 5272
Breakwater and pontoons 
A sheltered site from most conditions;
Deep water depth 
Fish cleaning, plenty of parking and toilets available 
Point Henry Beach Informal
Melways: 454 E2
Beach launching only
Low energy beach and spit entrance to Corio Bay
Shallow water, great for kayak/canoes  
No vehicle assisted boat launching permitted
Parking and toilets available 
St Helens via large carpark
Melways: 442 B8 
Concrete, three lane boat ramp and 2 floating pontoons available
A sheltered launching area under most conditions 
Toilets, fish cleaning and picnic facilities available 
No launching fee - Please consider a donation to Australian Volunteer Coast Guard Association - 03 5278 8440
Corio Bay
Avalon Beach Avalon Road
Melways: Key Map 11
Low energy beach with sand flats exposed at low tide City of Greater Geelong
03 5272 5272
Two lane boat ramp, shallow water, smaller boats recommended 
Adequate parking, toilets and boarding jetty 
Corio Bay Boat Club Foreshore Road
Melways: Key Map 11
Beach launching only
Sheltered, shallow site, moderate tidal range 
Small sized boats recommended 
Grammar School Lagoon Foreshore Road
Melways: 432 K8
Concrete 2 lane ramp, moderate tidal range, sheltered, shallow site
Very small sized craft recommended  Parks Victoria
131 963
Parking available 
Kirk Point/Murtcain Boat Ramp Beach Road
Melways: Key Map 11
Shallow water, smaller boats recommended
Exercise caution to avoid rocks 
Sheltered to the north and west 
Limited parking available 

Information brochure

A brochure by Parks Victoria "Port Phillip Recreational Boating Guide" has some very useful information on boat ramps including their locations and recreational boating in general.

It's available at Parks Victoria and Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning offices.

Page last updated: Tuesday, 4 January 2022