Request residential bin size change

To change from a 120 litre bin to a 240 litre bin (green or yellow) or vice versa please complete the following steps.

When you contact our Customer Service Team you will need to tell us:

  • your name and contact details
  • street address
  • which bin (green or yellow) needs to be exchanged?
  • what size do you wish to change to - 120 litres up to 240 litres or 240 litres down to 120 litres
  • is your bin empty (it needs to be for the changeover to occur)

Your old bin will be emptied at the next scheduled collection day and your new bin will be delivered before the next collection day.

Leave the bin to be exchanged on the nature strip at the front of your property.

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Page last updated: Wednesday, 30 September 2020