Your rubbish bin

Find out what can go in your red rubbish bin.
Please place all soft plastics into your red landfill bin until further notice as the REDcycle scheme is no longer available.  

Most items that cannot go in your other bins can go in your rubbish bin

Broken wine glass and plate.

Glassware and crockery

Supermarket plastic bags

Plastic bags, soft plastics

Old shoes, pillow.

Shoes, clothes and textiles

Used nappy, pet litter or poo.

Nappies and pet poo

Drink cartons or cups.

Drink cartons and cups.

Apple core

Food scraps


  • Find out how to dispose of other items at our searchable recycling guide.
  • Do not overload your bin, too-heavy bins can't be lifted and will not be emptied.
  • Book a hard waste service for mattresses and larger items. Find out what can be collected and book at our hard waste page.

Never put these items in your rubbish bin

Toaster and batteries.

Electronic waste, batteries.

Tin of paint, motor oil.

Paint or household chemicals.

Brick, pile of soil

Soil or building materials


Put your garbage bin out for collection every week. See our collection calendar.

Your bin should not exceed 70 kilograms in weight.

Report a missed bin, or request an additional bin

You can request a range of repairs and services online at our bin page

Page last updated: Tuesday, 13 February 2024