Amusements, attractions and services at Belmont Market

The Belmont Market is a popular community event and as such, amusements such as rides, jumping castles, face painting and other attractions may wish to book sites.

All amusements, attractions and service providers will be referred to as ‘Amusements’ below.

When such an event occurs the following guidelines must be followed.

  1. Amusement providers must apply in writing to the venue manager up to ten (10) business days in advance of their chosen market date
    1. Applications must include:
      1. Business name and ABN (Australian Business Number)
      2. Summary of their chosen amusement(s)
      3. Business Model (fees and charges)
      4. Amusement Dimensions
      5. Full Risk Assessment
      6. Public Liability Insurance (copy)
      7. Professional Indemnity Insurance (copy)
      8. Safety Plan
      9. A Generator (if power is required).
    2. Amusements applications may be denied at the Venue Managers discretion
  2. Amusement providers may be required to pay additional site fees via invoice, as agreed to between provider and Venue Manager
  3. Depending on the outcomes of 1.A the amusement provider may be required to enter into a usage agreement at the discretion of the Venue Manager
  4. Amusements which will not be considered may include:
    1. Anything considered illegal or immoral
    2. Anything which includes any form of gambling
    3. Anything including any type of firearms or projectiles
    4. Roller coasters
    5. Any other amusement or attraction which may be inappropriate or not in keeping with the Belmont Market’s ethos.
  5. The City may consider the implementation of exclusivity contracts for amusements should there be enough demand to justify such action. This may be done through Procurement Services or by any other way chosen by the Venue Manager.

Page last updated: Monday, 24 August 2020