Food and beverage vendors at Belmont Market

The Belmont Market is a popular community event and as such, food and beverage vendors may wish to book sites. 

When such an event occurs the following guidelines must be adhered to.

Food and beverage vendors are required to gain prior approval from market management by submitting a food vendor application form prior to attending the Belmont Market.

Food and beverage vendor classification

Green vendor

  • A food vendor intending to sell food and/or beverage products where the consumer is expected to use the product to conduct cooking, baking or consumption after leaving the grounds of the market. That is, the consumer is not expected to consume the product on-site at the Belmont Market. These products may not be cooked, heated or prepared for consumption prior to sale; unless it is by way of free sample.
  • Examples of Green Vendors include but are not limited to:
    • Spreads such as Jam & Honey
    • Pre-packaged meat
    • Bakery products such as bread and cakes (not individual pies or cakes for consumption at the market)
    • Pre-packed confectionery
    • Packaged coffee and herbal teas
    • Fruit and vegetable products.

Red vendor

  • A food vendor intending to sell food and/or beverage products which have been cooked, heated or prepared in a way ready for consumption on-site at the Belmont Market. That is, the consumer is expected to consume the product on-site at the Belmont Market and the food or beverage must be prepared accordingly.
  • Examples of a hot food vendor includes but not limited to:
    • Food vans
    • Pop-up ‘specialty’ foods
    • Barbeque/hot dog stands
    • Take-away coffee.

Food and beverage application process

Food and beverage providers must submit a Food Vendor Application form the Belmont Market ten (10) business days in advance of their chosen market date(s).

  • Applications must be completed and approved before access to the Belmont Market is permitted.
  • Applications may be denied at the discretion of market management.

Food and beverage vendors which will not be considered may include anything:

  • considered illegal or immoral
  • which does not comply with local, state or federal legislation, this includes failure to provide applicable permits etc.

The City may consider the implementation of exclusivity contracts for food and/or beverage vendors should there be enough demand to justify such action. This may be done through our Procurement Services or by any other way chosen by the Venue Manager.


Fees can be found on the main stall holder page.

Page last updated: Thursday, 27 August 2020