Belmont Market - Terms and conditions/Conditions of entry

All stallholders at the Belmont Market are required to adhere to the Belmont Market policies and procedures as determined by the City of Greater Geelong.

Stallholder terms and conditions

  1. Conditions of stall licence
    1. The Belmont Market is managed and operated by the City of Greater Geelong (City). The City grants you a licence to operate a stall at the market on the following Terms and Conditions. Each stallholder must also comply with the Conditions of Entry.
    2. The City may change the stallholders Terms and Conditions or the Conditions of Entry at any time. The City will provide registered permanent stallholders with 14 days' notice of any change.
  2. Stall bookings generally
    1. Stalls are available to stallholders offering:
      1. Used goods
      2. Hand crafts or hobbies or
      3. Any other stall approved by the City.
    2. No stallholder may without the City’s approval use a stall:
      1. To sell, promote or display commercially produced new goods (including imported goods, shop soiled stock and factory seconds), products or services
      2. To promote services that the City considers may be illegal, immoral or inconsistent with the community nature of the market
      3. For political campaigning or religious proselytising.
    3. A stallholder who intends to sell digital media, including any DVD, CD or photo, must provide the City with a copy of their drivers’ licence before the market.
    4. The City reserves the right to refuse any application to book a stall or to allocate a stall different from that booked.
    5. Stall fees will not be refunded if the stallholder cancels the booking or does not attend the market.
  3. Permanent stall bookings
    1. To obtain a stall at the market on a permanent basis, each stallholder must complete the City’s Belmont Market Permanent Vendor Booking application. If the City accepts the application, the stallholder will become a permanent vendor for the duration of the booking period.
    2. A permanent stallholder must:
      1. Attend a minimum of three markets each calendar month during the permanent booking period
      2. Notify the City if s/he will not attend any market during their booking period by email before 4:00pm on the Friday before the market
      3. Pay the applicable stall fees by 12:00pm on each market day and
      4. Vacate the market by 2:30pm on each market day.
      5. If a permanent stallholder fails to comply with this clause, the City may cancel the permanent booking without notice.
    3. A permanent stallholder must arrive by 8:00am on the day of a market unless otherwise agreed with the City, failing which the City may make the stall and any reserved clothing racks available for casual booking.
  4. Casual stall booking
    1. To obtain a stall at the market on a casual basis, each stallholder must:
      1. Book and pay online in advance and bring a copy of the booking confirmation and receipt with you on the day of the market or
      2. Apply for a casual site on the day of the market between 5:00am and 8:00am. Casual sites are subject to availability. Casual stallholders must pay the applicable stall fee via EFTPOS upon entry.
    2. A casual stallholder may transfer a stall booking to another date by applying before 4:00pm on the Friday before the market by calling the venue on 03 5243 7718 or emailing [email protected]. A booking may be transferred only once.
  5. Food and beverage stalls
    1. Each stallholder who offers food or beverages must:
      1. comply with the Food Act 1984 (Vic), including by obtaining any necessary temporary food premises registration or mobile food registration and
      2. read and comply with the terms of the Belmont Market Food Vendors Information Pack, which is available upon request via email to [email protected].
    2. Any application to book a stall for the purpose of offering food or beverages must be made at least 14 days in advance of the applicable market date to allow time for the City to check the applicant’s food registration, and must be accompanied by evidence of any necessary registration and any other documents reasonably requested by the City.
  6. Stall set up and pack up
    1. Stallholders may set up their stalls between 5:00am and 8:00am on market day.
    2. Stallholders may pack up their stalls between 1:00pm and 2:30pm on market day.
    3. Stallholders must use appropriate lifting and carrying techniques to avoid injury.
  7. Vehicle access
    1. No stallholder may bring any vehicle into, or remove any vehicle from, the market area between 8:00am and 1:00pm.
    2. No stallholder may park any vehicle in the designated market area between 8:00am and 1:00pm unless they have been allocated a vehicle site.
    3. Each stallholder who operates a vehicle must do so with due care and skill and in a manner that ensures the safety of the public. Each stallholder must ensure that their vehicle’s hazard lights are flashing while the vehicle is moving.
    4. The driver of any vehicle is solely responsible the operation of the vehicle and the City is not liable for any loss or damage caused by vehicle operation.
  8. Stallholder conduct
    1. Each stallholder must operate the stall in person, unless the City consents in advance to another person operating the stall.
    2. All tables, racks, displays, storage boxes, stock, merchandise, signage and any other items must be set up and remain within the designated stall boundaries as marked by the lines on the ground. The boundary extends vertically from these lines.
    3. A stallholder’s equipment must be used in a manner that ensures public safety and in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions. The stallholder is solely responsible for any loss, damage or injury arising from the use of their equipment and the City is not liable for any such loss, damage or injury.
    4. Each stallholder must comply with all laws that apply to, and obtain all necessary consents and approvals required for, their activities and must upon request by the City produce copies of any such consent or approval.
    5. The sale or consumption of alcohol, tobacco, firearms, explosives, weapons, poisons, pornography, pirated material, unsafe or hazardous electrical products, live animals or any product the City considers to be illegal or inconsistent with the community nature of the market is prohibited.
    6. No stallholder may play loud music at the market. Stallholders must comply with any direction by a City staff member to stop playing or reduce the  volume of any music.
    7. Each stallholder must weight down the legs of any freestanding object (including any marquee or umbrella) with no less than 20 kilograms per leg. The stallholder must comply with any direction of the City to remove any freestanding object in windy conditions.
  9. Storage of stock and other goods
    1. To minimise trip hazards, each stallholder must store all stock that is not on display underneath the trestle tables provided by the City.
    2. Each stallholder is solely responsible for their stock and other goods, and the City is not liable for any damage to or loss of goods before, during or after a market.
  10. Waste disposal
    1. Before vacating their stall, each stallholder must remove all rubbish and must leave the stall in the same condition as it was in before occupancy. If the stallholder fails to do so, the stallholder will pay the City any cost it reasonably incurs in disposing of rubbish and restoring the stall to the condition it was in before occupancy.
    2. No stallholder may dispose of waste in the rubbish bins or dumpster at Barwon Valley Activity Centre.
  11. Electricity
    1. A stallholder must not operate a generator at the market without prior written approval from the City.
    2. A food and beverage stallholder may apply to the City to access to power for use at their stall. If the City accepts the application, the stallholder may use power at the market in accordance with the City’s directions, and must not use more than 2000 watts per power outlet without prior written approval from the City.
    3. Any stallholder who uses electrical equipment at the market must ensure that:
      1. no lead is positioned where it may be a hazard
      2. all electrical equipment and leads are fit for their purpose and used only in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions and
        1. all electrical equipment and leads are tested and tagged in accordance with AS/NZS 3760, and that the tags are available for inspection by the City at all times.
  12. Weather and other disruptions
    1. Each stallholder acknowledges that inclement weather is a risk inherently associated with an outdoor Market. Stall fees will not be refunded if weather interferes with any market.
    2. At the City’s discretion, it may decide to close the market early in the event of very adverse weather conditions or other disruption. If the City closes the market early, stallholders may pack up before 1:00pm.
  13. Emergency operations
    1. In the event of an emergency, the City will implement its Emergency Management Plan. Each stallholder must listen to and comply with every instruction given by the City.
  14. Compliance with directions
    1. Each stallholder must comply with any lawful direction by the City in relation to the market.
    2. The City reserves the right to refuse any stallholder entry to the market or to continue to operate a stall if the stallholder does not comply with these Stallholder Terms and Conditions and the Conditions of Entry.
  15. Intellectual property licence
    1. The stallholder grants the City a non-exclusive licence to use any written content or image submitted with the stallholder’s application (Licensed Property) in any printed or online media for the purpose of promoting the stall or the Belmont Market.
    2. The stallholder warrants that he or she owns or controls the rights in the Licensed Property and has the legal authority to licence it to the City, and that the Licensed Property does not and will not infringe the intellectual property rights of any person.

Conditions of entry

Any person who enters the market (Entrant) agrees to the following Conditions of Entry:

  1. Entry
    1. The following items are prohibited in the market:
      1. alcohol
      2. cans or glass
      3. musical instruments
      4. whistles or horns
      5. unauthorized temporary signage or promotional products
      6. fireworks, flares, laser lights, lighters, matches or torches
      7. knives or weapons
      8. rollerblades, skateboards or scooters
      9. animals other than dogs on a leash, on the condition that only assistance dogs may enter indoor areas
      10. professional cameras, audio recording equipment or video cameras
        confetti or shredded paper and
      11. any other item that the City considers may cause injury or public nuisance.
    2. The City reserves the right to inspect any bag, clothing or other item at the point of entry or within the market at any time.
    3. The City reserves the right to refuse entry to any person.
  2. Conduct at the market
    1. Each Entrant is responsible for their own belongings while at the market.
    2. In the market, an Entrant must not:
      1. engage in criminal or anti-social behaviour
      2. smoke (whether indoors or outdoors)
      3. use foul or abusive language or make racial or threatening remarks or gestures
      4. consume alcohol or
      5. behave in any manner that threatens or may threaten or interferes with other Entrants’ reasonable enjoyment of the market.
    3. Children must be supervised by a responsible adult or guardian at all times.
    4. In the event of an emergency, Entrants must follow the instructions of the designated wardens or emergency services.
    5. The operation of some activities may be affected by adverse weather conditions or maintenance activity.
    6. Any Entrant who fails to comply with these Conditions of Entry or any reasonable direction of the City may be ejected from the market.
  3. Filming and photography
    1. Privacy notice: The City takes photos and videos of Entrants to ensure security and to promote its services, projects and events in print and online (including social media). This information is collected and handled in accordance with our Privacy Policy. If you would like to access your personal information, please call our Privacy Officer on 03 5272 5272 or email [email protected].
    2. Entrants agree that the City may use photos and videos of them at the market to promote its services, projects and events in print and online publications (including social media).
    3. Entrants may take photos, videos or sound recordings for personal use only, and must comply with all applicable laws. An Entrant must not use any photo, video or recording for commercial purposes.
  4. Disclaimer
    1. Entrants enter The Belmont Market at their own risk. To the fullest extent permitted by law, the City is not liable to any person for any loss, destruction or damage to property nor for any other loss, damage or injury suffered by any person, whether in contract, tort (including negligence) or statutory liability.

Page last updated: Thursday, 28 May 2020