Class 3 Food - Storage Log - Record 2 and 3

All Class 3 food premises need to maintain minimum records for storage log - this is referred to as Record 2 and 3.

  • to be completed once a week on all cold storage (fridges/display bars) and hot storage (bain maries/pie warmers) that contain potentially hazardous foods (food that needs to be kept hot or cold so that it does not spoil, for example: meats, dairy, seafood, fresh juices, cut fruit, cooked dishes including rice and pasta, food containing eggs, and prepared sandwiches)

  • cold food is to be held below 5 degrees celsius in storage

  • hot food is to be held above 60 degrees celsius in storage

  • Note: all frozen food needs to be frozen hard unless being defrosted

  • if any potentially hazardous food is outside the required temperatures some corrective actions must be put in place and this needs to be recorded

  • even though this record only needs to be completed once a week temperatures should be monitored daily.

Page last updated: Monday, 24 June 2019