Beauty Business - Immunisation for staff

It is recommended that staff in beauty businesses should have appropriate and up to date immunisation, especially those involved in skin penetration.

Immunisation for Hepatitis B is recommended for all operators involved in skin penetration procedures and for staff involved in cleaning instruments and/or equipment.

Hepatitis B and C is primarily transmitted by blood-to-blood contact. This transmission can occur if there is inadequate infection control during invasive procedures such as tattooing or body piercing. Unlike Hepatitis B and C, Hepatitis A is transmitted by the faecal-oral route from person to person, therefore there is a potential for transmission of Hepatitis A in colonic irrigation treatments.

There are currently vaccines available for Hepatitis A and B, but there is no vaccine available for Hepatitis C or for that matter HIV/AIDS.

A primary immunisation course of Hepatitis B consists of three injections over six months. Hepatitis A immunisations are recommended for personnel working in colonic irrigation premises. A primary immunisation course of Hepatitis A consists of two injections given 6 to 12 months apart. Immunisations can be arranged through a general practitioner or via our immunisation service

Page last updated: Monday, 6 July 2020