Ageing Well Advisory Committee

The Ageing Well Advisory Committee provides an important opportunity for informed discussion, consultation and collaboration on issues affecting older residents of, and visitors to, the City.

The Advisory Committee will:

  • help shape and create inclusive age-friendly communities within the city, utilising the committee's experience and expertise to bring new perspectives to both existing and emerging issues
  • advise Council about effective policy and the future provision of services in relation to older people in the City of Greater Geelong and
  • review and make recommendations to inform the city’s Positive Ageing Strategy.

In 2016, the city became signatory to an Age Friendly Declaration to work toward building an age-friendly community.

The Ageing Well Advisory Committee will be actively involved in discussing the domains identified by the World Health Organisation (WHO) to help make our city a great place to grow older.

Ross Morgan

Ross has been the minister at Grovedale Baptist Church since 1999. The older demographics of this church have led to a strong interest in the dynamics of those in the second half of life.

This interest has also included post graduate studies in recent years. Ross brings to this advisory group the insights gained from over 20 years of study and engagement with those in the second half of life, as well as his own personal experiences of dealing with ageing parents.

Ross is married to Dorothy and enjoys being a grandparent. In his downtime Ross enjoys watching movies, science fiction and maintaining an interest in photography.

Ross Morgan

Carole Hofflin

Carole Hofflin has been a practicing registered nurse for more than 45 years; 35 of those years across all the hospitals in Geelong.

After a long career in the Operating Theatre, she now works part time in General Practice.

Carole is also a practicing reflexologist with a private home-based clinic.

Although not born in Geelong, she has a lifelong connection through her paternal family who were among the founding families of the region; her great grandparents were Swiss vignerons in Ceres during the 1850’s. Many direct descendants remained in Geelong or returned later to live out the remainder of their life here; such was the strength of that original connection.

Carole now lives on a property in Anakie with her husband Albert.

Carole Hofflin

Ross Synot OAM, JP, GCSJ

Ross is a Fellow of the Certified Practising Accountants of Australia and the Governance Institute of Australia.

He is former Chief Executive of Grace McKellar Centre where he held senior positions for twenty-eight years. During this employment he held the positions of President/Chairman of many state and regional bodies relating to aged and disability care, health, and community care. Ross was instrumental in the introduction of many home-based services.

Following an overseas study tour in 1980 he is credited with the introduction of the quality of life concept for the aged and disabled in Australia. He has a great interest in initiating and extending home based services and improving residential care.

Ross was Founder of Bravehearts Inc. in Victoria and the Founder and President of the Barwon Sports Academy. Ross is looking forward to assisting the Ageing Well Committee meet its objectives.

Ross Synot

Diana Brown

Prior to her retirement Diana was involved in the facilitation and training of community services courses including the Certificate III and IV in Aged Care and Home and Community Care, the Certificate III, IV, Diploma and Advanced Diploma of Disability.

She developed relationships with the organisations involved in the delivery of aged care and disability care services within our community giving her an understanding of available services and how to access them.

For many years Diana has been a carer for her mother-in-law, who is now approaching her 104th birthday. Since her mother in law began living with her during the pandemic, and through her connections and Diana’s own involvement with community organisations and groups, she has gained a greater insight into the issues facing the elderly in our community.

Diana believes very strongly in the value of older people and wishes to further older people’s participation, representation and leadership in community life and to have an active role in promoting ways for older people to overcome loneliness and encourage social connections.

Diane Brown

Patricia Kimtia

Patricia is an experienced professional and active community member who volunteers her time and effort to support various community causes in community development, capacity building, education, health, mental health and well being for youth, older adults, women, social innovation, diversity, access and inclusion, social cohesion, arts and culture and more. She is committed to playing an active, positive role in this forum and is particularly keen to:

  • help further older people’s participation, representation and leadership in community life
  • influence positive change to make our communities more inclusive for our ageing community, including women and men from migrant and refugee backgrounds
  • provide opportunities for the “young at heart” to mentor women and youth, and play an inclusive role in civic and community life to enjoy more social and economic benefits.

Patricia has been involved with the Cultural Historical Association of Rodriguans & Mauritians in Victoria (C.H.A.R.M Vic Inc) founding member and Committee of Management since 2001, and as a member of the Victorian Multicultural Commission Regional Advisory Council – Barwon South West since October 2019 and member of the African Leaders Network. Her professional experience includes business and community engagement, collaboration and partnerships, education, training & development, community building and strengthening initiatives including small events, multicultural festivals, conferences, forums and workshops.

Patricia Kimtia

Geraldine Hughes-Jones

Geraldine lives on the Bellarine Peninsula and is the President of the Bellarine Aged Care Association (BACA).

Recently retired, Geraldine was a registered nurse and her 45 year career saw her working in a variety of roles within the community and in private and public hospitals, with the last 20 years working within the aged care industry.

As well as her Certificate in General Nursing, Geraldine went on to complete a Certificate in Psychiatric Nursing, a Diploma in Occupational Health Nursing and a post registration Degree in Health Science, (Nursing).

Through her experience and knowledge gained throughout her career, Geraldine is very aware of the special needs of our elderly and the challenges of ageing both emotionally, financially and physically and the struggles being faced to maintain independence and safety within their homes and the community.

Aged care is Geraldine's passion and she hopes that through the Ageing Well Advisory Committee, she can help make a difference to the aged and ageing within the City of Greater Geelong.

Geraldine Hughes-Jones

Toni Clarke

Toni has worked in social work, community development and management in community services for over 20 years.

She has also served on a range of not-for-profit boards and undertaken a variety of volunteer roles, including a current role as a Community Visitor with the Office of the Public Advocate.

Toni is a parent, grandparent and carer who works, enjoys walking, cycling and socialising within Geelong and travelling to spend time with family and friends in Australia and overseas (COVID-19 permitting).

Currently in a transition to retirement phase of life, Toni has an interest in, and commitment to, enabling an age-friendly community that meets the needs of the entire spectrum of the population as they age within the City of Greater Geelong.

Toni Clarke

Dr Alicia Kennedy BSc BVMS

Alicia is a human animal bond veterinarian and a passionate advocate for the role of companion pets in healthy ageing of people and connected communities.

She is the Founder of Cherished Pets, a locally based social veterinary enterprise known for its innovation in providing home pet care and veterinary assistance to older people.

In the past, Alicia has been invited to present at the International Federation of Ageing conference and to contribute to a national pilot program on pets in aged care facilities and the community.

The Cherished Pets program was a Finalist in the 2019 HESTA Aged Care Awards for Team Innovation. Through her work developing a home pet care assistance program Alicia has engaged with other agencies in this space and brings a unique perspective of the gaps that need addressing as we consider ageing well in our community.

Alicia believes in the power of neighbourhoods and local community connections to support our elders in a thriving community.

Alicia also has extensive experience in the not for profit sector through her work with the Jane Goodall Institute, and as a senior business owner, she is an advocate for Seniorpreneurs and the wonderful contribution senior people can make to the business community.

Doctor Alicia Kennedy BSc BVMS

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