Disposal of asbestos

Information on how and where to dispose of small quantities of asbestos.

Drysdale Landfill accepts small domestic quantities (no larger than six by four trailer) of asbestos.

Conditions of disposal

  1. Plastic or steam pipes should be placed under the load to so that it can not slide off the trailer. Place asbestos in small parcels so that it can be unloaded manually.

  2. Material needs to be:

    • double wrapped in black builders plastic

    • double taped with grey duct tape

    • labelled as containing asbestos on the package.

  3. Depositor must:

    • be able to remove wrapped material without breaking

    • contact the Drysdale Landfill office to make the appointment one hour before arrival.

  4. Material can not be accepted after 3:00pm.

  5. Service is available seven days.


The cost of disposal is $62.50 per load.

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Page last updated: Wednesday, 14 July 2021