GRID Artists to Perform at Pako Festa 2024 – A Showcase of Talent!

Thursday, 8 February 2024

The Geelong GRID Series program is excited to showcase its lineup of artists who will be delivering live performances at Pako Festa 2024!

Taking place on Saturday 24 February, this cultural extravaganza will turn Pakington Street into a vibrant stage for these exceptionally skilled musicians.

The GRID Series program (Grass Roots Indie Development) is an artist development program supporting outer suburban emerging creatives around Australia.

Proudly supported by the Victorian Government through Creative Victoria in partnership with the City of Greater Geelong and the Victorian Music Development Office, GRID Series Geelong provides a platform for artists to advance their careers and foster a thriving music community in Greater Geelong.

Christine Couzens, Member for Geelong

I've had the pleasure of seeing all five of the GRID series artists perform. I am delighted that they will be appearing at Pako Festa 2024. 

I recommend to everyone visiting this year’s Pako Festa to go and be entertained by five of Geelong’s best emerging artists.

Mayor Trent Sullivan 

The GRID Series artists are at their early stages of their career but are highly accomplished musicians, so I’m looking forward to seeing them at Pako Festa.

This is a great opportunity to showcase local talent, and highlight the diversity of our music scene, to a huge audience.

Chair of the Creativity and Culture portfolio, Councillor Melissa Cadwell 

The GRID Series artists who have been a part of this program have been teaming up with an all-star group of mentors, producers and content creators to supercharge their careers. 

Pako Festa provides a unique platform for these talented artists to showcase their original works and bring their wonderful music to the community.

Luisa La Fornara, Event Director at Cultura

We are thrilled to showcase local and emerging artists from the Geelong region at Pako Festa 2024.
With their diverse genres ranging from soul to hip hop and folk to RnB, the GRID Series artist performances are a highlight of this year’s program – not to be missed. 

GRID Series artist participant Gloria Ragesh (Wild Gloriosa)

I’m really looking forward to performing alongside all the other artists from the program.

We’ve been working hard and all of us are so excited to showcase our music.

The program has definitely helped me overall with my confidence and ability to be sure of myself.

The single I’ll be debuting at Pako Festa is called ‘Lover Girl’ and it’s a love letter to myself and anyone else who needs a bit of encouragement, who are soft hearts, to stay believing in love.

The Geelong Arts Centre stage, located at the Adroit Chill Out Zone on Hope Street, will feature performances by:

•           LENNi: 12:30 pm Instagram: @lnni.official
•           Daisy Kilbourne: 12:55 pm Instagram: @daisykilbourne
•           Baraka The Kid: 1:20 pm Instagram: @barakathek1d
•           Wild Gloriosa: 1:40 pm Instagram: @wildgloriosa
•           Ridzyray: 2:05 pm Instagram: @ridzyray

Pako Festa 2024 promises an extraordinary experience for music enthusiasts and those supporting local talent. For more information, visit or follow Pako Festa on social media.

About Pako Festa:

Organised by Cultura, Pako Festa is an annual celebration in Geelong West that showcases the cultural diversity of the City of Greater Geelong through music, dance, food, and art, bringing the community together in unity and appreciation for the multicultural tapestry that defines the region. The spotlight is set to shine on emerging musicians as the Geelong GRID Series Program proudly presents its artists at Pako Festa 2024!

For more information about the GRID program and featured artists, visit or follow GRID Series on social media.

Page last updated: Thursday, 8 February 2024