Experience arts and culture and ‘Kick On in Geelong’

Friday, 19 May 2023

The City is activating free window displays in Little Malop Central and offering ‘Kick On in Geelong’ discounts to complement the Kaleidoscope installation in Johnstone Park and encourage people to spend more time in central Geelong.

After being immersed in the mesmerising and ever-changing lights, colours and sounds of Keith Courtney’s Kaleidoscope, visitors can check out Fragments of Geelong which is running across three locations in Little Malop Central.

The City, Creative Geelong and Geelong projection artist Matt Bonner have developed a multimedia installation where community members can peer inside viewing portals to experience local imagery under a colourful lens.

The first location focuses on Geelong’s city heart and explores the dynamic energy of the city, while the second presents a series of symbolic and abstract images that encourages viewers to reflect. The third window showcases trees, flowers and water and transports viewers to a peaceful, natural setting.

Community members can also visit an artistic display at the vacant former Speaky’s building, which will include projections created using shapes, reflective surfaces, colour and light.

A window display from Geelong artist Eden Ariston plays with silver and mirrored features to symbolise self-reflection and the individual nature of reality.

Using a stained-glass style colour palette, Eden pairs modern elements with native flora to incorporate the natural environment that inspires her work, with nods to Johnstone Park and central Geelong.

The City received a $30,000 grant from the Victorian Government’s Living Local Regional Grant Program last year to deliver these window installations and we have provided nearly $30,000 including in-kind contributions.

We are working with local businesses to present Kick On in Geelong discounted offers and special deals to enhance visitors’ experience in central Geelong while saving them money.

Whether it’s supporting hospitality venues, popping into an event or visiting other creative works, such as the Clarice Beckett exhibition at Geelong Gallery or National Wool Museum exhibitions, we have you covered.

Mayor Trent Sullivan

There is a lot to inspire and delight the community during the cooler months in central Geelong.

Community members of all ages will enjoy our eye-catching window creations in Little Malop Central, which run until Friday 30 June.

The windows not only support Kaleidoscope but also encourage foot traffic in the precinct, utilise vacant tenancies, support Geelong artists and provide an additional offering for the community to engage with and enjoy.

Councillor Melissa Cadwell - Chair of the Creativity and Culture portfolio

I encourage visitors to celebrate the creative arts by ‘kicking on’ in Geelong.

We have an exclusive Kick On in Geelong program of offers and deals from local businesses in central Geelong to help visitors to make the most out of their time in the city throughout Autumn and Winter.

Council thanks the Victorian Government for the Living Local Regional Grant which has helped to activate these shopfronts in Little Malop Central into vibrant experiences.

Christine Couzens MP - Member for Geelong

Artistic exhibitions, like the Kick On in Geelong free window displays, activate the imagination and encourage us to think more deeply about the environment we occupy.

By encouraging more people to interact on the streets of Geelong, we also create a more vibrant and liveable city.

Page last updated: Friday, 19 May 2023