Grant Finck, “Flux’ (Steel reinforced Polyester Resin) 2015

Launched on 8 October 2015, this exciting and engaging public artwork titled 'Flux' was created by artist Grant Finck.

The forces that make a community are many and varied.  Inspired by these dynamic interactions, ‘Flux’ is an interpretation of the relationship between individuals and how we are drawn to the formation of community; its bold curves are derived from figurative studies. 

The full, rounded pod shapes strongly suggest internal space.  This sense of volume is enhanced by metallic paint, creating the illusion of internal glow. 

Where the sculptural components meet, they fuse together forming the beginning of a double helix, a symbol of ongoing life.

Flux - public art work by Grant Finck

Grant Finck, “Flux’ (Steel reinforced Polyester Resin) 2015

Grant Finck, Biography

Grant has been working full time in the visual arts for more than 33 years. 

Grant has a Graduate Diploma, Victorian College Of The Arts, 1991.  Grant is an exhibiting artist having participated in excess of 36 group exhibitions and  8 Solo Exhibitions.

Grant has completed 19 public commissions and is represented in numerous public and private collections.

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