Armstrong Creek - Marshall Precinct

The proposed Armstrong Creek Marshall Precinct is recognised as a potential residential and mixed precinct within the Armstrong Creek Urban Growth Area.

The Marshall Precinct is the final residential precinct located within the Armstrong Creek Urban Growth Area and is located in the northern-most part of the growth area bordered by Reserve Road, Barwon Heads Road and the railway line.

The City released the draft of the Marshall Precinct Structure Plan on 9 July 2019. Submissions were received between the release date and 4 October 2019. They are now being considered in the preparation of the final Marshall Precinct Structure Plan and the associated Developer Contributions Plan.

The precinct features significant transport land use integration opportunities, including Marshall Train Station, Barwon Heads Road and the proposed Bellarine Link Road. The precinct is also characterised by areas of conservation value.

The design of the Barwon Heads Road and Bellarine Link Road projects may change since the release of the Marshall Precinct Structure Plan - First Draft. For an update on the design and all information on these road projects, including the Barwon Heads Road duplication and the Bellarine Link Road construction projects, please go to the Major Road Projects Victoria website or phone Major Road Projects Victoria on: 1800 105 105.

The final Precinct Structure Plan and Developer Contributions Plan is currently being prepared. Due to current circumstances with respect to COVID-19, the proposed date for Council consideration of the final plans is undetermined.  The City will provide an update on the finalisation date as soon as practicable.

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Page last updated: Wednesday, 18 May 2022