Armstrong Creek - East Precinct

The Armstrong Creek East Precinct is the first residential precinct at Armstrong Creek.

Armstrong Creek East is under development. This precinct is located in the south eastern part of the Armstrong Creek Growth Area and is approximately 794 Hectares. Once fully developed, the population in this precinct is anticipated to be around 17,500 people.

The Armstrong Creek will be the most significant feature in this area. The creek is slowly developing into a linear park, which will provide an open space link through the entire growth area.

The Neighbourhood Activity Centre on Barwon Heads Road is operational and will grow to its full capacity over the coming years. This centre is in close proximity of schools and sport fields. On Horseshoe Bend Road, another community area will be developed, including a local activity centre, schools, sport fields and a community hub.

Other community facilities in this precinct have a broader regional focus and include the existing crematorium / cemetery on Burvilles Road and a future regional sports park, east of Barwon Heads Road.

Greater Geelong Planning Scheme

Amendment C206 and Amendment C214 introduced respectively the Armstrong Creek East Precinct Structure Plan and Armstrong Creek East Developer Contributions Plan into the Greater Geelong Planning Scheme.

Precinct Structure Plan map

East Precinct structure plan Click to Enlarge Image

PDF version of this map is available to download below, under 'Documents'

The following documents are available upon request, via email at [email protected]

  • Armstrong Creek East Precinct Structure Plan - Amended November 2011
  • Armstrong Creek East Precinct - Development Contributions Plan (published) - November 2011
  • Armstrong Creek East Precinct - Native Vegetation Plan - May 2010
  • Armstrong Creek East Precinct - Neighbourhood Activity Centre Urban Design Framework - Endorsed Plan - 28 February 2013.

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