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Public notification period closing date: 31 Oct 2017

Demolition of an Existing Building, Partial Demolition of an Existing Building, Buildings and Works Associated with the Construction of a Three (3) Storey, Eight (8) Dwelling Apartment Building, Alterations and Additions to Existing Building, Alteration of Access to a Road Zone Category 1 Road, Reduction in Car Parking and Waiver of Loading Bay Requirements

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  • Permit number: 607/2017
  • Advertised: 16 Oct 2017
  • No decision before: 31 Oct 2017


If you believe you are affected by this planning application you may submit an objection.

Objection terms

Planning and Environment Act, 1987 Objection to Grant a Planning Permit:

  • To make an objection you should clearly complete the details on this form and submit it. If your objection concerns property other than where you live, give details of that property and of your interest in it.
  • An objection must be clearly explain the reason for the objection and say how you would be affected by the grant of a permit.
  • Objections received in the form of a petition will be counted as a single objection with all correspondence being directed to the first person named on the petition.
  • To ensure the Responsible Authority considers your objection it should be received by the desicion date shown on this site for this application.
  • If despite your objection the Responsible Authority grants the Permit, you can appeal against the decision. Details of the appeal procedure are sent out on the back of the Notice of Decision which you will receive. The closing date for appeals is 21 days after the date the Responsible Authority decides to grant the Permit.
  • If the Responsible Authority refuses the application. The applicant can also appeal. The provisions are set out on the Refusal of Planning Application which will be issued at that time.
  • Council is collecting the information on this form in accordance with the Planning and Environment Act, 1987. Council must make a copy of this objection available for any person to inspect free of charge under Section 57(5) of the Act. If you fail to provide this information the City of Greater Geelong will not be able to advise you of any consultation or decision making forums or the decision regarding this matter, but you may access this information by contacting the Council.
  • Please be aware that copies of objections/submissions received may be made available to any person for the purpose of consideration as part of the planning process.