Active travel maps

Active travel is all about using physical activity to get around.

Active travel is critical for exercise during teenage years and in the transition to adulthood, because as children grow older they get less exercise through play. ~ Victoria Walks website, Benefits for Children (7 May 2014).

Whilst walking and cycling are obvious examples, even using public transport can be ‘active’ if you choose to walk from the bus stop or train station to your destination.

The purpose of these maps is to encourage more people to regularly choose active travel for local trips (between 0 and 5 kilometres). There are three maps in the City of Greater Geelong active travel map series. These are:

  1. North/Central Geelong and Lara
  2. South/Central Geelong and Leopold
  3. Bellarine Peninsula

Every reasonable effort has been made to ensure that the information provided on these maps is accurate, however if you find an error please contact us.


Why an active travel map?

The increase in car use in Australia over the last four decades has coincided with a significant decline in the amount of physical activity we all do day-to-day.

Choosing to drive might seem like the ‘easier’ option. However, car travel has hidden costs that we don’t often weigh up when we put the key in the ignition. Our health, finances and sense of connection to local neighbourhoods are all impacted by using cars, as is the air that we breathe and the safety of those around us.

Choose active travel and make your travel count

Whilst many of us know that physical activity is great for our overall health and wellbeing, the challenge is often finding the time to do it.

This is where active travel can really help as it increases your physical activity but, unlike joining a gym or taking up a new sport, does not require you to add another activity to your day.

Everyone has to get around – whether it is taking the kids to school, going to work or just picking up dinner from the supermarket. So by using active travel to get to some of these places, you can really make that travel count towards a fitter and healthier lifestyle for you and your family.

How to use these maps

Use the map for your local area to start planning new ways of getting to the places you go regularly, such as your local school or workplace.

The maps include the following information:

  • off road shared pathways
  • on road bike lanes
  • bus routes and railway stations
  • local places such as schools, shopping centres and libraries
  • public toilets
  • playgrounds and reserves
  • City of Greater Geelong customer service centres
  • ‘off leash – supervised areas’ for dogs.


The Greater Geelong Active Travel Maps were developed by Healthy Together Geelong and the City of Greater Geelong. Jointly funded by the Victorian Government and VicHealth.

Page last updated: Monday, 27 November 2023