Communicating with someone who has physical disabilities.

In the community

  • Be seated where possible so a person using a wheelchair can communicate with you at eye level.
  • Speak directly to the person even if they are accompanied by a carer.
  • Avoid leaning on, rocking or touching a wheelchair without permission.
  • At restaurants or cafes make a chair-free space at the table for the person using a wheelchair.
  • Assistance may not be needed or wanted so always ask first.

In the workplace

  • At meetings make a chair free space for the person using a wheelchair.
  • Ensure common areas such as lunch rooms and kitchens are accessible and that items such as coffee machines, sandwich toasters and kettles are within reach.
  • Ensure workplace equipment like photocopiers, scanners and filing cabinets are accessible.
  • Ensure corridors and hallways are clear of obstacles.

Page last updated: Monday, 6 May 2019