City Heart

The City Heart is one of the most significant projects for the City: delivering a new public space in the middle of the CBD.

The City Heart will be a vibrant public space for our community and visitors to enjoy, as a space to pause and people watch in, to relax or play, meet other people and engage in community activities.

The City Heart project has four key stages. The first stage is to identify a site in a central location that many people walk past or through, that has views to the waterfront and great sunlight. These elements will ensure the City Heart is a busy, warm and welcoming place to be.

The location of the City Heart needs to ensure it is surrounded by activity. Having cafes, restaurants and shops around the edges of the City Heart will bring people into the space, making it a place to be, every day of the year and at all times of day.

The City Heart will be a flexible space that can be used for everything from everyday activities such as eating lunch or meeting a friend, to formal activities such as markets and special events at key times of year. 

A City Heart gallery was launched in March 2016, to gather public feedback and ideas for the project.  The feedback we received will guide the design and location of the City Heart and other public spaces within the CBD.  

The second stage of the project will involve a design competition to develop concept plans for the City Heart.  The third stage will be detailed design and documentation.  The fourth stage is construction and delivery.

We welcome feedback about the project, please submit comments via the form below.

Print Page last updated: Thursday, 5 January 2017