Postcode 3220

Inspired by the City of Melbourne’s successful Postcode 3000 program, the Geelong Postcode 3220 program will support city living and reuse of existing buildings.

The program is targeted to support owners to use existing upper levels of buildings for residential and commercial activities, as well as encouraging residential development in the CBD.

If successful, the program will deliver more people in the city more of the time.

Four types of initiatives are being explored:

  1. Financial incentives: including fee waivers and development incentives

  2. Technical support: planning assistance, building advice and market information

  3. Street level support:  street upgrades and parking provision

  4. City living promotions:  information and advice

Phase 1 of the project looks at what initiatives from Postcode 3000 are transferable to Geelong.

Phase 2 will occur from June onwards and include identifying issues that are more complex and specific to Geelong.  Consultation will be undertaken as part of the Phase 2 process.

We welcome feedback about the project, please submit comments via the feedback section below.

Page last updated: Monday, 29 May 2017