Little Malop Street bridge and streetscape

The Little Malop Street pedestrian and cycling bridge is an important connection between Central Geelong and Geelong West, as well the Gordon and the Arts and Culture Precinct.

The project includes the delivery of the Little Malop Street pedestrian and bike bridge, improving a key connection between Geelong West and Central Geelong.  The bridge is an important link identified in the G21 Principal Bike Network.

A new, wider bridge will be installed as part of the project, with separate paths for bikes and pedestrians to be created between Latrobe Terrace and Fenwick Street.  Bike signals will also be installed as part of the Latrobe Terrace pedestrian crossing to Villamanta Street. 

The project strengthens the link between the cultural precinct and the Gordon TAFE.  New gathering spaces will be created on either side of the rail line, with landscaping, seating and public art to be installed, creating an attractive space for students and staff.  Trees will be planted along the length of the street, providing shade and improving the pedestrian experience.

The final plans were endorsed by the Task Force at its meeting in December 2015 and are available for download on this page. Construction timing is currently being resolved.

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Little Malop Street bridge and streetscape concept plan



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