City Arrivals and Waterfront Linkages

A priority action for the Revitalising Central Geelong Partnership is to identify several key entrances to the CBD and opportunities to improve links between the CBD and the waterfront.

The City Arrivals and Waterfront Linkages project will see the acquisition and installation of 7 major sculptural pieces at identified key locations which will enhance the public realm and facilitate way-finding by delivering a sculpture and art trail through the city.

The project adds to the city’s already impressive public art collection and the first piece, Mark Cuthbertson’s ‘Scouts’ has been installed at the corner of LaTrobe Terrace and Lt Malop St, a major vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian link. ‘Scouts’ will remain in this location for 6-12 months, after which time they will briefly disappear, only to pop-up elsewhere.

Over the coming months 6 additional pieces will be installed, no doubt creating much interest and debate throughout the community.

Page last updated: Friday, 2 June 2017