About the Central Geelong Action Plan

The Central Geelong Action Plan is the City of Greater Geelong’s revitalisation plan for the City.

It provides a 15 year blueprint for focused action in Central Geelong to achieve the following objectives:

  • create a smart, vibrant, thriving, liveable and successful 21st century city centre with a strong sense of identity and community

  • bring transformational change to Central Geelong, building on its strengths and maximising its opportunities for investment, and

  • signal an 'open for business' message stimulating all stakeholders to take positive action.

The Action Plan builds on current investment activity and Central Geelong's foundational strengths of learning, health and well-being, business and entertainment and the bay, as well as visioning exercises such as Vision 2.

Council adopted the Action Plan on 28 January 2014.



Three principles are central to the Action Plan:

  • more people living, working, learning and playing in Central Geelong;

  • great infrastructure, and

  • smart investment.

The projects identified in the Action Plan are targeted to deliver on these principles and achieve the targets set for the Plan, involving the public and private sector, as well as the broader Geelong community.

Targets and time frames

Over the 15 year life of the Action Plan, the aim is to achieve:

  • 10,000 people living in Central Geelong;

  • ground floor property vacancy rates of 5% or less;

  • 9,000 additional jobs, with 30% more workers in Central Geelong;

  • 40% more visitations to Central Geelong;

  • 10,000 students studying in Central Geelong;

  • conversion of 25% C- and D-grade office space to A- and B-grade office or residential use;

  • $10 private for every $1 government capital investment.

The targets are both ambitious and achievable. A monitoring program is being established to measure the effectiveness of the Action Plan over time, enabling the community and investors can track progress, to capitalise on new opportunities and adjust initiatives where required.

The Action Plan schedules actions in three five-year timeframes, as short, medium and long-term actions, ensuring a sustainable and affordable budgeting and project programming approach to the delivery of the Plan.

Priority actions

To achieve the objectives, principles and targets of the Action Plan, ten priority actions have been identified as the ‘game changers’ for Central Geelong.

  1. Investment attraction

    Stimulate greater levels of investment in Central Geelong and realise the development potential of underutilized land by a streamlined approval process and greater collaboration between the public and private sectors.

  2. Postcode 3220

    Increase the number of people living in the City making it a safer, more vibrant and mixed use area. Encourage the redevelopment of underutilized sites and floor space especially upper levels, as well as adaptive re-use of heritage buildings to enable more people to enjoy city living.

  3. Making our land assets work harder

    Make the best use of government land assets as a catalyst for leveraging investment and activity in Central Geelong.

  4. Connecting people and places

    Create an integrated, attractive and well-designed pedestrian and cycling network which supports healthy living and public safety.

  5. City loop bus and public transport

    Facilitate convenient, frequent and reliable access by a city loop bus service to key destinations within and close to Central Geelong.

  6. City heart

    Create a vibrant, lively shopping, alfresco dining and event space environment with bay views, northerly aspect and great connections and active edges.

  7. Greening Central Geelong

    Develop a distinctive and enduring network of grand boulevards, green spines and green spaces.

  8. Town and Gown

    Promote residential accommodation, services and facilities for students and staff within close proximity of the Deakin University waterfront campus and Gordon Institute campus.

  9. Integrated health and well-being precinct

    Capitalise on Geelong’s premier health facilities and services for employment and investment through a more cohesive, connected precinct offering a wider range of health and well-being services to the Geelong regional community.

  10. An arts and events city

    Build on the year-round calendar of events and activities to attract more people and increased investment in tourism, establishing a high quality convention and exhibition centre close to the waterfront as a focus for national and international events and major community activities and integrate public art into the urban fabric of Central Geelong making it a more vibrant, colourful and exciting place.

Page last updated: Thursday, 5 January 2017