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Food swaps

Turn lettuce into tomatoes!

Put some homegrown food on the swap table, and take whatever you think is a fair exchange.

Local organisation Foodskil started the Corio Bay Food Swaps and there are now 6 across the region organised by various groups.

An honour system, no need to haggle, and it's free.

Bring: homegrown fruit, vegetables, herbs, seeds, plants, eggs, homemade jam etc.

Nothing to swap? Excess produce is usually offered for sale after 10:00am.

Meet like-minded people in your community.

Reduce your food bills and food miles.

Find a food swap near you

Our Community Directory lists all the food swaps in various locations.

Need to know more...

To find out more about food swaps or for help in starting your own please contact Katie Gillett at Foodskil on 03 5245 3000.

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