Subdivision Site and Context Plans

A Neighbourhood and Site Description (NSD) is required to be submitted as part of any planning permit application for single dwellings on lots of less than 300sqm, multiple dwellings or subdivision.

It is also known as a subdivisision site and context plan and is an information requirement of Clauses 54.01-1; 55.01-1; and 56.01-1 of the Greater Geelong Planning Scheme. On the back of this guide is an example Neighbourhood and Site Description that has been prepared to show applicants what Council generally expects to be provided as part of a typical 2-5 unit/subdivision development.

The Neighbourhood and Site Description (NSD) is a key piece of information used by Council to assess planning permit applications for residential development. It provides a verified and accurate depiction of the features of the site and surrounds. It serves an important role in the development process as it provides the basis for:

  • Designing a development that meets the objectives of the Greater Geelong Planning Scheme; and

  • Council’s accurate assessment of the design.

Council has had the example Neighbourhood and Site Description prepared to ensure consistency in what is provided by different applicants.

 Example of a Neighbourhood and Site Description Plan
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Council requires something in plan form which depicts the full extent of properties within approximately 50 metres (or three lots in each direction) of the subject site. In addition to the plan, aerial imagery and photographs may also be used. Aerial imagery is generally insufficient on its own, as it is not always clear, up-to-date, scaleable or verified. Please remember that the extent and contents of the NSD can be varied by Council, depending on the scale and context of the development.

The full list of information that should be contained in the NSD is set out in Clauses 54.01-1; 55.01-1; or 56.01-1 of the Greater Geelong Planning Scheme.

The Department of Transport, Planning and Infrastructure has prepared Planning Practice Note 16: Making a Planning Application for One or More Dwellings in a Residential Zone (November 2013). This is to help applicants make a planning permit application for one or more dwellings or a residential building, and explains what information needs to be provided as part of the application. It also explains in detail why each component of the NSD is relevant and how it should influence the design response.

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This is a guide for standard information required for lodgement. Additional information may be required by the assessing planning officer after lodgement. Other controls in the planning scheme may affect your proposal. Please check the planning scheme requirements before submitting a planning application or contact our Statutory Planning Unit between 8:00am to 5:00pm, Monday to Friday on 03 5272 4456 or at our offices at 100 Brougham Street, Geelong.

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