Application to Register Mobile Food Premise
This form should be used by a business that wishes to register a mobile food vehicle including a cart or trailer under the Food Act for the purpose of selling food to the public.

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Principal Council - Which one is mine?

Under the Food Act, one council must be primarily responsible for your food registration. This council is known as your “principal council”.

Your principal council is the council in whose district:

  • you prepare or store food that is to be sold at the stall or van; or
  • if food is not usually prepared or stored beforehand by the business/organisation – the district in which you usually store the equipment for your stall, or garage your van; or
  • if none of the above apply – the district where the usual business address for your organisation is located; or
  • if none of the above are in Victoria – the district in which the stall or van will first operate.

You must register with, or notify this council if you are selling food (including beverages) to the public.

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