What all successful communities have in common

The way we live is impacted by these four global shifts:
Technological developments
Climate change
Global economic uncertainty
Demographic change

successful community indicators

Research into the best communities in the world show they are:

  • Connected (locally, regionally, nationally and internationally through paths, roads and public transport infrastructure, social networks and communication technologies)

  • Prosperous (strong and diverse businesses and employment across all community groups)

  • Creative (innovative, entertaining and vibrant)    
  • Sustainable and resilient (environmentally, economically and socially)
  • Designed for people (easy and safe for all community groups to access the services, amenities and comfort they need)

All of these components collectively contribute to making a community great. Communities can turn global shifts into opportunities by ranking well in each of the above successful community indicators.

Print Page last updated: Monday, 3 April 2017